Empathy for Critics

Too Much Too Soon Can Be Overwhelming

If you have an eBook that you were working on, and then got a publisher to accept it and put it on for sale, if this is a new experience for you it can be overwhelming. Every moment is potentially the moment someone will dis you on or write negative comments.

Unfortunately there is very little you can do when someone says negative things about you in a review. You can not suppress it, but what you can to is change how you feel and look at it. Look, most people have an axe to grind and sometimes takes it out on others. If you have worked hard on your eBook and get a negative review, you still need to keep going forward without taking down the eBook.

In retrospect, we wish that we did not take down our eBook when the going got tough. But we did. Our surface thoughts were “Hey, if people do not find it helpful, why put it out there.” But who knows why this review came through? If you know in your heart that your eBook is good, the person writing negativity about you is most likely jealous. Maybe they thought of doing a book themselves but were not able to write the book, let alone get it published.