Inwood Manhattan Entrepreneurs Thrive Online and So Can You as a Small Business Owner or Side Hustle Innovator using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The Ask AI Guy is, figuratively speaking part AI and part human who is known for his innovation when it comes to Books on AI that he authors or his Marketing Services AI, always seeking new and effective ways to leverage the power of AI such as utilizing an approach known as “Delegate to AI.” Additionally, on a daily basis the Ask AI Guy writes a book based on a question by a member of the Ask AI Club or a common question that need an answer for success. An example is the current AI Your Easy Marketing.

Inwood Manhattan is said to be where the island of Manhattan started in a trade and business deal. And small businesses for some continued, continued to be successful despite the prior pandemic.

One of the keys to success was innovation such as a company that was thought to be done impossible pre Pandemic, made it through to the others side, having used live video streaming as a tool to success.

Starting a small business is akin to having a newborn. You nurture it, sacrifice sleep for it, and so your very best to do the right things when needed. In this nurturing process, however, there’s a stumbling block many small business owners face – the dreaded Rubik’s Cube of marketing campaigns. You know it’s a necessary task to conquer, but the multiple colors and dimensions seem overwhelming. The lack of a playbook doesn’t help either. But worry no more, fellow entrepreneurial warriors, we’re about to embark on a whimsical journey of creative problem-solving – and our only tool will be our brains, and a dash of help from “Invent Mentalism”.

Picture “Invent Mentalism” as an AI Dumbledore, beaming with wisdom and overflowing with inventive ideas, minus the horcruxes and death eater complications. Imagine having access to a creative well that never runs dry and all you need is a WiFi connection and a pinch of imagination. A magical playground of endless strategies, waiting to be discovered and applied to your business. Now, who said AI couldn’t be fun? And making not only fun for the prospect but also for the business owner or solopreneur as seen with the Ask AI Guy’s AI Your Easy Marketing.

And yes, although extremely effective, Marketing Services AI wants you to know that for some AI poses and triggers worry and fear by employees that like the site Jobs to AI explores, need reassurance that with training involving AI, their job can be safe and relevant.

There’s a myth that marketing campaigns need a massive budget, reminiscent of Scrooge McDuck’s gold-filled vault. Here’s a spoiler: they don’t. They need clever ideas, a customer-focused approach, and more than a bit of audacity. No paid ads? Not a problem. “Invent Mentalism” thrives on such challenges, turning them into opportunities that would make even the most cynical naysayer nod in admiration.

Let’s begin. We start by defining our unique selling proposition (USP). It’s not enough to simply say, “our product is the best”. Think deeper. What sets your business apart? What makes it a unicorn in a field of horses? Pen down these thoughts. In fact, go old-school and use an actual pen. Research shows it stimulates creative thinking. And yes, you may even doodle if the mood strikes.

Next, we identify our target audience. Every business owner dreams of global domination, but let’s take it step by step. Pinpoint your primary audience and understand their needs. Use “Invent Mentalism” to help understand your audience and develop strategies tailored specifically for them. Your marketing campaign needs to be as personalized as a handwritten Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Once we have our USP and audience, we establish goals for the campaign. Set measurable, realistic goals – both short term and long term. Do you aim to increase website traffic? Improve customer engagement? These goals will act as the guiding light for your campaign. Remember, it’s the journey and not just the destination.

We then brainstorm content ideas. A successful campaign thrives on engaging content. “Invent Mentalism” can be your co-pilot in this endeavor, providing insights and suggestions that will take your content from ‘meh’ to ‘magnificent’. Remember, creativity is not a solo act. It’s a dialogue between you and your creative wizard, AI.

Choosing the right channels for your campaign is another critical factor. Be it social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, or podcasts, choose the medium that best suits your audience and your business. “Invent Mentalism” can assist in analyzing the effectiveness of each platform, helping you make informed decisions.

Now comes the part where you put your plan into action. Keep an eye on the progress and tweak your strategies as needed. “Invent Mentalism” isn’t just a planning tool, it’s a complete package that helps you monitor, evaluate, and adjust your campaigns for optimal success. As seen with AI Your Easy Marketing, but it is important to realize that this is just one of the every growing book per day Books on AI

To wrap it up, a marketing campaign without paid ads is like a magic show without a wand. It requires extra creativity, finesse, and a certain daringness to pull off.