The Relationship of Mentalism Conjuring to Marketing

Mentalism is Conjuring

There is a special breed of magician entertainers known as mentalists who perform conjuring tricks that create the illusion of them being able to do things like read your mind and make stunningly accurate predictions of the future. Mentalist magicians who have good character and ethics, do not use their deceptive mentalism craft to pose as authentic mystics, psychists and fortune tellers. Unfortunately, many do, and pray on vulnerable people. These individuals want to contact their deceased loved ones or to find true love. Or even seek out mystics to give them insights into the riches they will one day have.

Use Magic for Good

Mentalist magicians who intentionally make themselves look as though they have supernatural powers is wrong. For magicians to use magic tricks clothed as psychic demonstrations, is misleading. The unique “powers” of mentalists should be studied not for deception for capital gain, but for entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and micro businesses to learn ways of getting your special products or services to the people. Why is this different? Because entrepreneurs are solving the problems that the consumer faces. This can bring about more peace of mind for the customer, plus in some cases build health and happiness in their lives.

Gain More Sales

But how will you accomplish this? What psychological secrets do mentalists use to cast a “spell” on others that can be applied to gaining you more sales? Mentalists understand the power of reciprocity, meaning the more you give, the more you get. This idea is built into the routines of their act.

A Process for Getting More Customers

Online marketers can provide their small or micro business owner clients a system with which the business owner gives their prospects a special opportunity. This opportunity consists providing their prospects with a free instantly downloadable eBook in exchange for giving their email address. This all happens automatically on the business owners’ website. The prospect who signs up to receive your eBook is also put on your email list. Both the eBook and the newsletter need to be about helping your prospects to solve their problems that occur in your industry. All the aspects of this process occur automatically on your website and ultimately provide you with an email list of prospects you can then turn into clients.