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Mentalists, Will You Choose a Free Blog Platform?

Several Months Ago, here on “Invent Mentalism” We Tested an idea

We had written an eBook with the help of a publisher a publisher and ran the experiment of putting it online on the publisher’s site and immediately it caught the eye of visitors resulting in a successful series of purchases, more than we had expected. Then for various reasons we pulled the eBook off of the site and began an offline analyzation process. One of the first things we came to realize was that having a blog helped. For those of you who have been thinking of starting a blog, this page has information that will hopefully be useful for you. We are going to talk about options that are available to start a free blog. It worked for us and maybe it can work for you.

Are You Meeting Your Needs?

The following types of free blog options that you have change their use guidelines on an ongoing basis, so we recommend going to the site that has a free blog option that has struck you as a possibility for your business or business idea. An example of checking what they allow and do not allow could be questions like are you able to link to another site or can you use their platform to sell online?

What Addons are You Considering for Your Free Blog?

Are you interested in starting a free blog in conjunction with a favorite topic and maybe would not mind bringing in some income at the same time? With so many free blog choices out there are you are unsure of which one would be the best choice for the long hall, plus want to make certain that you put together a blog that will grow with time and be compatible with online tools you might want to add to it.

When, if Ever, Should You Consider from Free to Premium?

There are many free blogs available, most have a premium paid version they hope you will upgrade to. This could be a something to consider in the future, but right now you first need to start a free blog and if you see results, such as making sales, going premium might then be something to consider.

Check Under the Hood of These Fine Free Blog Platforms

It indeed can be a little overwhelming with so many blog choices out there. Here are just a few options you have at your disposal, they include (Google), (visually based), Webs.Com, (easy and SSL),,, (for teachers),,, and so on.

Will People Pay You to Read Your Free Blog?

But the free blogs and what they offer do not stop at the ones we mentioned prior. For example, some might find moving their blogging from public to private, could have provide could have financial benefits. It depends on the content you give.

How You Might be Able to Make Money from the Content of Your Free Blog

First you need to ask yourself “Are you an expert in your field therefore are confident that having your industry followers would pay to read your blog?” Do members of your industry hunger for what you know? If so, you might want to check out

Are You Going to start, or have already, a blog?

Mentalists, as you have seen, you have many options when it comes to choosing and creating a free blog for yourself. The content on this page is made possible through content provided by USA Make a Difference, a volunteer based organization committed to the mission of making a difference in the lives of those for whom creating online is a big part of what they do.