An Actor Playing the Part of a Mentalism

Ever since completing the “Invent Mentalism” eBook we have been carefully experimenting with it and its audience. We take this very seriously because we consider mentalism to be a science as well as an art. A mentalist is not just a mentalist but is in actuality an actor playing the part of a mentalist.

The Science of Mentalism

The science part of mentalism is the visible and invisible working of the illusion of it all. Although as an audience member we might believe we are watching the mentalist’s every move, there are in truth things we cannot see. The execution of the effect we feel is the science of mentalism.

Magic of the Mind

“Invent Mentalism” in many ways focuses on the art of mentalism. This has to do with the presentation of the feat of mentalism. Since a mentalist is really an actor playing a mentalist, it is up to her or him to give the audience the sense that they are experiencing magic of the mind.