Invent Mentalism and Getting People to Buy Your Book

Are You Writing a “How To” eBook?

So, maybe you’re a magician or mentalist interested in learning about mentalism. It is very possible you found us either through search engines or maybe via links. All this said, a reason you could be here may have nothing to do with BUYING a book it is possible your are considering WRITING one of your own?!

Think First Carefully Before Investing in an Ecommerce Setup

If this is the case, definitely keep reading! We have had some degree of luck with “Invent Mentalism” in terms of book sales. Most of these sales were made on other people’s websites that specialize in selling eBooks. This is indeed something to consider before you go out there and invest in an eCommerce setup that could be for naught.

A Chance at Sales

We’re not saying that doing your own store on your website doesn’t work, we’re just suggesting lower priced ways of getting results. When you have your magic or mentalism on someone else’s website, you may still need to invest in ads, but if they have a built in audience, you may have a better chance of selling your eBook!