Exploring the Subconcious Mind

Surfacing of the Subconscious Mind

have long been interested in the subconscious mind. Does it exist? Was it just an early reality but now is widely ignored. It’s hard to say. All I know though is that if I listen to my thoughts, I do seem to have at least two modes of consciousness going on. And if I pay close attention to what I am hearing, I become convinced that one of the train of thoughts is conscious while the other is subconscious, surfacing.

The Torture

It should be noted that the subconscious thoughts often seem to not relate to the conscious ones. Usually it is my negative mind putting myself down and having the desire for me to stagnate and be tortured.


Do I feel in conjunction with my dual thought process that there is any benefit? The one plus I suppose is potentially knowing what the thoughts are underneath the thoughts and the more I become conscious of the unconscious (if that’s what it is), I can then ask it to kindly leave. Does this really work? I’m not sure. Nor am I sure if on any level if knowing is helpful.