3 Steps to Create More Success for YOUR Career as a Mentalist, as well as YOUR Productivity When YOU Invent Mentalism Effects, regardless if YOU are Mega Well Known or are Just Starting Out!

We are going to keep this short and sweet. Full disclosure, we just spent the last several hours developing a post for this section of the site that we realized that we are not quite comfortable going public with yet. Therefore, we searched through our archive of never published content and uncovered this dandy piece and its “Steps to Create.”

Here are 3 steps to create more success for your career as a mentalist, as well as your productivity when you invent mentalism, regardless if you are mega well known or are just starting out.

  1. Terminate your ongoing obsessive search to try to invent a SINGLE genius mentalism effect and instead pop out several again and again, because ironically that unattainable effect becomes more attainable because when you produce several different effects, all of them with different workings, you mix it up it up creatively. Same goes with your career, varied experimentation leads to gigs and mastery as a psychic entertainer.
  2. Always keep improving your ability to set and attain objectives, without torturing yourself with unreachable goals that are a total waste of your time. Because remember, your destinations sought can be long or short ones. A lot of short ones, with defined step by step strategies, add up to greater ones.
  3. Stop sabotaging yourself by earnestly looking for someone to give you “constructive criticism” regarding your career path or inventing effects, because we are assuming you are highly motivated (if not, make it a hobby) and therefore YOU are the best person to discover the next step, because only YOU can uncover what is right for YOU due to the fact that fortunately YOU are YOU and not someone else!