So You Used the “Invent Mentalism” Process and are Thinking About Testing the Waters of Your Market?

Selling Your Wares

Emerging mentalists often have two primary goals. The first is to appear in front of as many audiences as possible both in person and digital. And the second is getting prestige and income by inventing mentalism effects and selling them to magicians and other mentalists.

Coming Up Empty Handed?

This seems to be a good path to take today because clearly it is reaping rewards for some. But for every successful mentalist there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of those who desire to be making their living doing it but are not yet to that stage. And others who are unable to even get bookings.

Diving Board

And because of this, many emerging mentalists talk themselves out of taking the plunge. The plunge can mean things as simple as reaching out to those who have the ability to greenlight a gig, as well as contacting distributors and mentalism venues to take on their mentalism effects.

Be Ready

Some say that to sell your mentalism effects is that you need to get yourself “out there.” Do lectures. Appear at conventions with your goods. Network with magic and mentalism movers and shakers. But possibly most importantly, in this field anyway, is that you need to be a polished and rehearsed entertainer as well as only expose to insider, effects that you know are gold.

First Impressions

Getting seen by others is a challenge, but not as challenging as it is for other forms of entertainment. This could be due to the fact that magicians and mentalists are fairly friendly people, and even the big names are. But again, do not blow your first impression by not having a good one!

“Invent Mentalism” has Been a Marketing Experiment

Downloadable Products

For those of you who are interested in selling downloadable products online, this will likely be of interest to you. We are going to briefly discuss “Invent Mentalism” which was our marketing experiment.

How it Started

To test out the downloadable product space we decided to write an eBook about something we know a lot about which is magic and mentalism. These two areas combined together to create the “Invent Mentalism” eBook which is a step by step process to invent your own mentalism effects which will give your act originality because you will perform mental tricks not available anywhere else.

Product Went Live

When we launched “Invent Mentalism” on the world’s largest eBook supplier on magic, it was an instant hit. In fact by Day 2 of the experiment, the book had achieved the status of being the “Hot Top Selling Marketing Book,” as well as “Hot Top Selling Marketing Author.” And then, shortly thereafter we pulled the eBook for personal reasons. But the proof was in the pudding and we liked this pudding.”

Invent Mentalism and Getting People to Buy Your Book

Are You Writing a “How To” eBook?

So, maybe you’re a magician or mentalist interested in learning about mentalism. It is very possible you found us either through search engines or maybe via links. All this said, a reason you could be here may have nothing to do with BUYING a book it is possible your are considering WRITING one of your own?!

Think First Carefully Before Investing in an Ecommerce Setup

If this is the case, definitely keep reading! We have had some degree of luck with “Invent Mentalism” in terms of book sales. Most of these sales were made on other people’s websites that specialize in selling eBooks. This is indeed something to consider before you go out there and invest in an eCommerce setup that could be for naught.

A Chance at Sales

We’re not saying that doing your own store on your website doesn’t work, we’re just suggesting lower priced ways of getting results. When you have your magic or mentalism on someone else’s website, you may still need to invest in ads, but if they have a built in audience, you may have a better chance of selling your eBook!