Yianni Stamas Discusses Mentalism on the 4th Day of Christmas

The Bug Bit

Technically I am on holiday, but that does not mean the stopping of my exploration of magic (as in tricks, illusions, and effects) which is my passion. Recently I have been bitten by the bug of a magic subcategory known as mentalism. My budding interest in mental magic which is why I got involved with the InventMentalism.com project.


So, I am going to give you an update on what is going on with the Invent Mentalism project on this day of four calling birds (originally crows). We did a test market for the eBook which for the most part was positive. But alas, not everybody loved it, though many did. For example, those who did find it useful (the audience that matters anyway) were folks from one of the largest magic organizations that is still operating today.

It is the 4th Day of Christmas

Oh, and not to get away from mentalism, but did you know that the phrase “Four Calling Birds” in relation to its origin in 1909 being derived from a much older traditional folk melody, was not originally “four calling birds?” It was “four colly birds.” And here is the kicker, it was not until recently in the 1950s and 1960s that “calling” instead of “colly” got to be more popular! Pretty much sealed by the 1970’s around when I first became aware of the tune.

Zooming to the End

In closing, for those who are interested, we still have plans to release “Invent Mentalism” but maybe in a slightly different form. Our aim all along was to come up with a manuscript that the magic and mentalism community would find to be relevant. These days many of us live on Zoom as a way of dealing with the limitations put on social interaction per COVID. So most likely the new format of InventMentalism.com will take its cues from that. Hope you have a great remaining of the upcoming 8 days of Christmas!

Up the Hypnotic Stairs or Down?

Top of the Staircase

As promised in the prior post of this blog, we were going to get into the story behind our magic eBook a bit more. As we told you last time, within 2 days our eBook was number 1 in the marketing hot list as well as had a number 1 rating for marketing author. It all seemed up from there, like we were truly climbing the stairs in the mental magic eBook world.

Something Unexpected

But then something happened. Something we hadn’t anticipated. And it changed everything. The “up” staircase started looking like a “down” staircase. Against our better judgement we pulled the eBook out of the marketplace.


It’s funny how when you attain something that was once a big wish, it’s not always what is was cracked up to be. So beware, what goes up must come down. Be careful what you wish for.

We Were Trying For “Shhh” and Got a Bit Too Freaky

It’s Time to Invent Mentalism

The skull person above is nothing compared to the image we had prior. Yes, we agree with your reaction. The vibe we were looking for is like the the old 1950’s and  1960’s “Ghost Show” feel which is a little campy and a bit kitsch. Instead we got something that many of you considered to be quite frightening. Can mentalism be scary? Sure. Is that our style? Not really.


Our eBook on magic of the mind was available, for a short period of time, at the largest seller of online downloadable magic/mentalism eBooks in the world. Why we pulled the publication is something we’ll get into a big more next time.

Back to the Board

Back to the drawing board that is.