“Invent Mentalism” Blogger Laughs, Plus Marketing Tips for Mentalists Who Love to Read

Mentalists Who Love to Read Can Now Promote Themselves Faster and Easier

The Invent Mentalism Blogger chuckled after reading the recent post on the MagicPreneur website. MagicPreneur seemingly took aim at “Invent Mentalism,” saying that a mentalist did not need to have to actually “Invent Mentalism” to be successful.

The Official Response from “Invent Mentalism” is:

Of course, a mentalist does not have to invent mentalism effects in order to be seen as a good performer by their fellow mentalists. Being a good entertainer is not dependent on you needing to create mental magic tricks. This goes without saying.

And now for something completely different, here are some marketing tips for mentalists:

It is Real

Frequently it is what is right under our nose that we most easily miss. Look at the psychology of the situation you are taking on. This will prompt you to act in a particular way. All the answers are already had by you. Is this real?

Smart People Think Too Much, Much of the Time

Of course, it is. A mentalist, which is a branch of the art of magic as entertainment, knows that it is often those who are highly intelligent can be the most often fooled. This is because they think too much.

Blink and You will Miss it, so Invent Mentalism

 in a mode of overanalyzing that causes them to remain in a simple state and see what is right in front of them. And as is often the case, they credit the other person as being the magic one, when in fact it is you who can invent mentalism and not the other way around.

Do They Have it or Do You?

You do not have to look further and instead leverage what you already have. In life and work, we as human beings can sometimes feel as if those outside of ourselves know something we do not.

Always Make Difference

This may or not be true. But what is true, is that you have something they want, and it is up to you to make certain that it be used to make a difference in your community

You are the Resource

The reality is that we (you) have as much if not more insight into in terms of how to do something you are trying to do, than those you think of as your resource. You are the resource for them.

In Many Ways Psychic Readers and Mentalists are One and the Same

The thing that differentiates mentalists from psychic readers is that although they have the same bag of tricks one is doing what they do to entertain, whereas the other is charging because they are “true.” The quotes being put on each end of the word “true” is not an accident. Until the day that magicians can not do what fraudulent mind readers can, that word “untrue” must be used.

Mentalism is an Art


An Actor Playing the Part of a Mentalism

Ever since completing the “Invent Mentalism” eBook we have been carefully experimenting with it and its audience. We take this very seriously because we consider mentalism to be a science as well as an art. A mentalist is not just a mentalist but is in actuality an actor playing the part of a mentalist.

The Science of Mentalism

The science part of mentalism is the visible and invisible working of the illusion of it all. Although as an audience member we might believe we are watching the mentalist’s every move, there are in truth things we cannot see. The execution of the effect we feel is the science of mentalism.

Magic of the Mind

“Invent Mentalism” in many ways focuses on the art of mentalism. This has to do with the presentation of the feat of mentalism. Since a mentalist is really an actor playing a mentalist, it is up to her or him to give the audience the sense that they are experiencing magic of the mind.