Too Much Too Soon Can Be Overwhelming

If you have an eBook that you were working on, and then got a publisher to accept it and put it on for sale, if this is a new experience for you it can be overwhelming. Every moment is potentially the moment someone will dis you on or write negative comments.

Unfortunately there is very little you can do when someone says negative things about you in a review. You can not suppress it, but what you can to is change how you feel and look at it. Look, most people have an axe to grind and sometimes takes it out on others. If you have worked hard on your eBook and get a negative review, you still need to keep going forward without taking down the eBook.

In retrospect, we wish that we did not take down our eBook when the going got tough. But we did. Our surface thoughts were “Hey, if people do not find it helpful, why put it out there.” But who knows why this review came through? If you know in your heart that your eBook is good, the person writing negativity about you is most likely jealous. Maybe they thought of doing a book themselves but were not able to write the book, let alone get it published.

“Invent Mentalism” has Been a Marketing Experiment

Downloadable Products

For those of you who are interested in selling downloadable products online, this will likely be of interest to you. We are going to briefly discuss “Invent Mentalism” which was our marketing experiment.

How it Started

To test out the downloadable product space we decided to write an eBook about something we know a lot about which is magic and mentalism. These two areas combined together to create the “Invent Mentalism” eBook which is a step by step process to invent your own mentalism effects which will give your act originality because you will perform mental tricks not available anywhere else.

Product Went Live

When we launched “Invent Mentalism” on the world’s largest eBook supplier on magic, it was an instant hit. In fact by Day 2 of the experiment, the book had achieved the status of being the “Hot Top Selling Marketing Book,” as well as “Hot Top Selling Marketing Author.” And then, shortly thereafter we pulled the eBook for personal reasons. But the proof was in the pudding and we liked this pudding.”

Invent Mentalism and Getting People to Buy Your Book

Are You Writing a “How To” eBook?

So, maybe you’re a magician or mentalist interested in learning about mentalism. It is very possible you found us either through search engines or maybe via links. All this said, a reason you could be here may have nothing to do with BUYING a book it is possible your are considering WRITING one of your own?!

Think First Carefully Before Investing in an Ecommerce Setup

If this is the case, definitely keep reading! We have had some degree of luck with “Invent Mentalism” in terms of book sales. Most of these sales were made on other people’s websites that specialize in selling eBooks. This is indeed something to consider before you go out there and invest in an eCommerce setup that could be for naught.

A Chance at Sales

We’re not saying that doing your own store on your website doesn’t work, we’re just suggesting lower priced ways of getting results. When you have your magic or mentalism on someone else’s website, you may still need to invest in ads, but if they have a built in audience, you may have a better chance of selling your eBook!

Mentalism is an Art


An Actor Playing the Part of a Mentalism

Ever since completing the “Invent Mentalism” eBook we have been carefully experimenting with it and its audience. We take this very seriously because we consider mentalism to be a science as well as an art. A mentalist is not just a mentalist but is in actuality an actor playing the part of a mentalist.

The Science of Mentalism

The science part of mentalism is the visible and invisible working of the illusion of it all. Although as an audience member we might believe we are watching the mentalist’s every move, there are in truth things we cannot see. The execution of the effect we feel is the science of mentalism.

Magic of the Mind

“Invent Mentalism” in many ways focuses on the art of mentalism. This has to do with the presentation of the feat of mentalism. Since a mentalist is really an actor playing a mentalist, it is up to her or him to give the audience the sense that they are experiencing magic of the mind.

Exploring the Subconcious Mind

Surfacing of the Subconscious Mind

have long been interested in the subconscious mind. Does it exist? Was it just an early reality but now is widely ignored. It’s hard to say. All I know though is that if I listen to my thoughts, I do seem to have at least two modes of consciousness going on. And if I pay close attention to what I am hearing, I become convinced that one of the train of thoughts is conscious while the other is subconscious, surfacing.

The Torture

It should be noted that the subconscious thoughts often seem to not relate to the conscious ones. Usually it is my negative mind putting myself down and having the desire for me to stagnate and be tortured.


Do I feel in conjunction with my dual thought process that there is any benefit? The one plus I suppose is potentially knowing what the thoughts are underneath the thoughts and the more I become conscious of the unconscious (if that’s what it is), I can then ask it to kindly leave. Does this really work? I’m not sure. Nor am I sure if on any level if knowing is helpful.

Up the Hypnotic Stairs or Down?

Top of the Staircase

As promised in the prior post of this blog, we were going to get into the story behind our magic eBook a bit more. As we told you last time, within 2 days our eBook was number 1 in the marketing hot list as well as had a number 1 rating for marketing author. It all seemed up from there, like we were truly climbing the stairs in the mental magic eBook world.

Something Unexpected

But then something happened. Something we hadn’t anticipated. And it changed everything. The “up” staircase started looking like a “down” staircase. Against our better judgement we pulled the eBook out of the marketplace.


It’s funny how when you attain something that was once a big wish, it’s not always what is was cracked up to be. So beware, what goes up must come down. Be careful what you wish for.

We Were Trying For “Shhh” and Got a Bit Too Freaky

It’s Time to Invent Mentalism

The skull person above is nothing compared to the image we had prior. Yes, we agree with your reaction. The vibe we were looking for is like the the old 1950’s and  1960’s “Ghost Show” feel which is a little campy and a bit kitsch. Instead we got something that many of you considered to be quite frightening. Can mentalism be scary? Sure. Is that our style? Not really.


Our eBook on magic of the mind was available, for a short period of time, at the largest seller of online downloadable magic/mentalism eBooks in the world. Why we pulled the publication is something we’ll get into a big more next time.

Back to the Board

Back to the drawing board that is.

Welcome to the Invent Mentalism Website

Reach for the Sky

“Invent Mentalism” is a website for USA HOW TO’s work in progress new eBook on mentalism. Welcome. As you can probably tell from the image we have chosen for this blog post, we are recommending that you reach for the sky when you are in the head space to invent mentalism.

It is Unique

Quite frankly, there’s nothing like our eBook “Invent Mentalism” out there. We have created something decidedly different that makes it extremely simple to become an “Invent Mentalism” kind of gal or guy.

When Will it Be Available to the Public?

But don’t just take our word for it. We recently gave 3 magicians the Invent Mentalism eBook asking them for authentic reactions to the text. 2 of the 3 have already responded within a few days and are very thumbs up about the publication. Of course, a question we are being asked is “When will it be available to the general public?” That’s a difficult inquiry to answer because quite frankly we do not know.

Thanks for Your Patience

We have submitted the most recent draft to our favorite publisher of magic books and thus far have had interest but no concrete response. One thing we were asked for was market research, hence getting the volume out to multiple conjurers. As mentioned we are still awaiting the last prestidigitation fellow giving us his review before we get in touch with the publisher again. We’ll give you the update as soon as we know what is going on. Thanks for your patience.