Invent Mentalism – “Invent Mentalism” is the exciting new eBook about inventing your very own mental magic effects for your act or to sell.

“Invent Mentalism” is the exciting new eBook about inventing your very own mental magic effects for your act or to sell. For pros, semi pros or the serious student of mentalism or magic. This is the original and best 3 Step Process. Accept no imitations.



Invent Mentalism shows you how to easily create original mind blowing mental magic effects for your act or to sell to the magic community.

The Coronavirus Situation

But that’s not all. During the development phase of “Invent Mentalism” the Coronavirus sprung up. In fact, this occurred just moment before an intended launch. So USA How To, the creators of “Invent Mentalism” pulled back and added a BONUS section at the top of the publication dedicated to showing you how as a mentalist or magician you can make money despite audiences becoming something of the past, a performer’s staple.

  • Problem: Many mentalists and magicians do the same old tired mental magic effects and potentially miss out on booking opportunities.
  • Solution: “Invent Mentalism.” It’s a unique instantly downloadable eBook that teaches you how to easily create YOUR OWN UNIQUE mentalism effects.
  • Benefit: Without the usual amount of brain numbing effort, you can develop a totally original act or profitably sell your effects to the magic market.
  • Investment: Your only investment is to purchase the PDF eBook entitled “Invent Mentalism.” Investing in “Invent Mentalism” could be one of the best career or business decisions you ever made in your life.
  • Payment: How much would you pay for an eBook like this that could make a major difference in your mentalism or magic career? $29.95? $49.95? $799.00? Or even $1,000.00 or more?
  • Promotion: Coming soon this instantly downloadable eBook will be available. And it just might be a money maker for you if you work it right with no need to do sales calls.
  • Get it Instantly: An instant digital download that means you’re able to have your own copy in just minutes.
  • Chunks: Plus, this eBook is broken down into easy to read chunks, which are extremely short paragraphs with headings. This feature means you can go through the material at your own pace, whether it be to speed through or to go more slowly.
  • So, act now: Additionally, you have the option get the first chapter for free to see if our eBook “Invent Mentalism” is right for you.
  • Scroll Down: continue reading for more information on the breakthroughs and benefits of the instantly downloadable “Invent Mentalism.”

Mentalism Can Help You Get that Elusive Booking

Having an original act can make the difference between getting a mentalism/magic booking or not.

Sell Your Mentalism Effects to Others that You Invented Using “Invent Mentalism”

Also, with “Invent Mentalism” we show you how you can sell your mentalism effects to others.
In fact, we have a whole section in “Invent Mentalism” dedicated to marketing and selling your mental magic tricks or even your performance services as a mentalist or magician. We truly care about mentalists and magicians and the evolution of this great art form so we do the best we can do to help you with your career in legerdemain.

A Problem to Solve

Meanwhile, are you tired of seeing Magicians and Mentalists (and maybe even yourself) doing the same old Mental Magic Effects? Although many Magicians and Mentalists do not realize it, this is a very serious problem if you want to be successful. Now more than ever audiences are demanding originality and fresh content. If you are doing the same old mentalism in your act, you are going to be left behind while others prosper because they have access to the new way of developing mentalism as seen in the eBook entitled “Invent Mentalism.”

A Breakthrough

Now any mentalist or magician, whether you’re a magic student, semi-pro or professional, can effortlessly evolve stunning and completely unique mental magic tricks that if performed properly will blow the minds of your audience and help to create opportunities for you.

You ARE Creative Enough

Invent Mentalism shows you how to create your very own brand-new original mentalism effects. Some of you when hearing about Invent Mentalism might worry that your creativity is not developed enough to, in short, invent mentalism?

You Can Do It

Don’t worry, because being creative and able to invent mentalism is actually quite doable by anyone who has only a basic understanding about magic or mentalism. Plus, Invent Mentalism at is a way you can stay ahead of the trends and therefore be spot-on with your material for your mentalism or magic act. Yes, being able to Invent Mentalism is really possible if you follow the chunk by chunk process.

Chunks are Important

And for ease of learning, we’ve developed the chunk approach. What’s a chunk? It’s a cluster of written words with each grouping covering a step to take or other important information. For example, the words you are reading right now are a part of a chunk. You can follow chunks at your own pace., perusing chunks, one at a time. The reason we don’t give numbered steps is because numbers can sometimes bring about anxiety and stress by judging yourself based on what step you’re on. Have fun with it. This information is especially being created for you.

You Can Get the Information You Need RIGHT NOW

We’re going to show you in the Invent Mentalism eBook exactly what to do to take your mentalism or magic career to a whole new level. The problem is that many mentalists and magicians actually have no idea where to start with the process of inventing mentalism, let alone even knowing the serious predicament they’re in. If this is you, you are missing out on new opportunities big time.

Sometimes Sadly, Clocks do Tick

Yes, some would say that your time is running out. The clock is ticking. One thing’s for sure though, if you get your instantly downloadable PDF copy of “Invent Mentalism” right now instead of waiting, you could very well be arriving at the finish line of getting the booking before your competition does. You have to get that fresh mentalism or magic act in order to stand out from other mentalists and magicians.

Don’t Get Us Wrong

When we refer to beating out your competition, we mean so in the nicest way possible. We are supportive, and there for, all types of mentalists and magicians as well as magic dealers and distributors. We truly care for the profession of magic and know that when YOU are empowered, you can participate in advancing this – as the Society of American Magicians puts it – ancient and honorable art.

Make Getting Bookings Less of a Headache

Getting the best bookings can be challenging. The way you can make the procedure less of a headache is to use Invent Mentalism, because if you use it properly you will be able to break out of the negative hold that some have dug themselves into and have a better chance at getting yourself back in the mentalism and magic fast line. Having new and original magic mentalism is key to be able to re-book. All it takes is following the directions in the Invent Mentalism eBook to effortlessly develop a whole new crop of effects that you created.

Our Money Back Guarantee

Plus, we are so confident in being able to show you how to invent mentalism, that if you seriously follow our directions in the eBook and try your best at creating new mentalism effects but it does not work for you, contact us regarding what is causing you trouble. And if we can’t help you fix it, we’ll return the cost of the eBook.

“Entertainment Entrepreneurship” says:

“Invent Mentalism” is quite possibly the easiest to way to invent your own mentalism magic and gives you post Coronavirus hacks too.”

According to “DigiComArts”:

“This eBook is a breakthrough in the ease the development of mentalism magic tricks.”

What is “Invent Mentalism?”

Invent Mentalism is the simplest way to invent original mentalism effects for the mentalist or magician or even dealer or distributor, seeking a process to create completely original spine tingling mentalism magic to use for one’s own mentalism act or magic show or even to sell to others in the magic profession.

Extremely Valuable Info on Creating, Marketing and Selling YOUR Mentalism Effects

And remember, if you decide you want to invent mentalism to sell your effects to others, also included in the eBook Invent Mentalism is an entire section dedicated to the creation, marketing and ultimately the selling of your effects to others.

Go to a New Level

Do you want to stand out from the pack so that you have a shot achieving at the level you’ve always wanted to in your performance career? Invent Mentalism can assist you with this. It’s long enough to give you all the info, but short enough it’s not daunting to read it all the way through. The level you ascend to is entirely up to you.

An Original Book and First to the Finish Line

Is there anywhere else you can get this valuable information? The answer is n – o spells no. After an extensive search through many, many mentalism books old and new, we discovered that there’s not a single one is that is doing what we’re doing in terms of sharing a way to invent specifically just mentalism.

We’re the Only eBook that has Succeeded in the Mission to Teach How to Invent Mentalism

There is only one publication we’ve seen that has tried to work in the Invent Mentalism arena. The problems with this book though, is that they did not specialize just mentalism which is its own unique animal and deserves to be treated on its own with tender loving care. Additionally, their rendition was all THEORY and NOT ACTION.

We’re Different and We’re Magician Tested

We’re different because WE SPECIALIZE IN ACTION to Invent Mentalism and are not a bunch of theories. It’s a tried and true formula recently used to present an effect that was specifically developed for a public show that was presented by The Society of American Magicians and was filled to capacity by families and others plus had over 20 magicians in attendances. In other words, this works.

Ride it to the Top

Create your own unique effects from the inside out. It could open for you booking opportunities that may not have existed before. “Invent Mentalism” goes right to the core of Mentalism in a way that is very unique and gives you guidelines to be able to invent memorable and impactful effects.

Take Your Mentalism or Act Upward

Say “no” to the same mentalism that everyone’s doing and say “yes” to injecting new life into your magic of the mind presentations. If you want the info about this method before your competition gets wind of it, you must get the eBook “Invent Mentalism” right now so you can originate mental effects and take your act to a higher place and set you apart in the mind of the person who is booking your act.

Sell Your Creations

Or you can build a list of your own original mental magic tricks and sell the secrets to magic shops, magicians and prestidigitation distributors. Doing this in a consistent manner, will likely open up new doors for you in the conjuring world.

“Invent Mentalism” could change your magic life and give you a blazing direction in your career as a conjurer or related.”

“Your pathway into a higher level of Mentalism is just the beginning of what “Invent Mentalism” can do for your show business career as a mentalist or magician. It works if you work it.”

Be Sure You Stand Out

Remember, as a mentalist or magician or both, you face the issue of needing to acquire original mentalism effects for your act that aren’t being used by everyone else. Do you want to stand out from others so that you have a shot achieving at the level you’ve always wanted to in your performance career?

The Solution

Up until now there is no viable solution to the very real problem of not being able to invent mentalism. Thank goodness “Invent Mentalism” came around. It is available online as a PDF eBook. Don’t miss out on the limited time promotion price for a chance to have the act or magic career you’ve always wanted. Get the instant download by going here.

So, get Invent Mentalism to show you how to easily create original mind blowing mental magic effects for your act or to sell to the magic community.